Saturday, 18 March 2017

Too Much Variety?

So many cards for different binders left among the rest of the trade package from Dennis @ Too Many Manninghams. Here's a whole bunch of things from the mailer that aren't enough for an individual post per category, but might be too miscellaneous for a single post.
Although I knew that this one was on the way, it was still my favourite in the package. This autograph of 1/4 season Raptor Jason Thompson was a hit for the front of the Raptors binder, but it also was his only card as a Raptor. He spent last season in China. Or at least that's what his wiki article claims. As a bonus, we get a rare appearance of an auto not-signed using an ultra-fine tip.
One autograph deserves another!
"I'm gonna have a Piazza! I'm gonna have a Piazza!"
I usually balk at adding mask cards without a paint job on them, but do make an exception for iconic ones like Plante.
Bills! Bills! Bills! The big winner here is the Reed rookie in the upper corner.
And here's another Andre Reed card.
Or is it a Darick Holmes card?
Or is it a Jim Kelly? Actually, since Holmes is easily the member of this threesome that I have the fewest cards of, I'll call it his card. Since he technically does appear to be on the front of the card.

And I still have more to get to, but that's going to have to wait until I'm in the mood for a non-card post.

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  1. Piazza's a fancy boy. Or at least his cards are. The Plante mask is so primitive/scary looking.