Sunday 5 March 2017

A Supertrade that was all it was Cracked up to be

My last enevlope to show up prior to the OPC box was one from Julie @ A Cracked Bat. Jammed full of Mets-y goodness!
One of two team sets in this was this 2015 Topps minis one. I'm assuming you've already seen more than enough from the flagship set, so I won't scan the whole deal. But familiarity is a moot point when you add a complete team base set to your collection.
There has been decidedly fewer blog appearances of 2006 Tradition. Henceforth, you get to see all of these and their 1981 Topps-inspired design. Along with a random Beltran insert.
Licensing. Schmicening. This is a fun card and Wright's face is definitely a candidate for Expressionists.
Base cards from hit based sets are always welcome in the binder.
As are numbered mini parallels. I had no idea what colour these were supposed to be considered, so I originally called them lavender parallels. I over-analyzed that and these are merely purple parallels.
While there were more cards in there than I've scanned in this post, and I'm grateful for all of them, a die-cut Seaver from Stadium Club seems like a nice way to end this post with. And that's what I'm doing. Thanks for all these goodies!

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  1. Awesome stuff from Julie - that Seaver die-cut is a beauty!