Wednesday 15 March 2017

2017 Adventures in Repacks - Part 7: The Dollarama Two Step

The Two-Step means a $1 15-card hanger pack and a $2 Surprise Bag.
2010 UD French - Joni Pitkanen - I grabbed this hoping that this French card would be one of my needs for the French YG-free set. It wasn't.
1991 Seventh Inning Sketch - Kiley Hill - While these CHL cards are fun, the problem with these is when the player looks about 12 years old.
1991 UD - David Volek
1992 Score Canadian - Neil Wilkinson
1991 UD - Peter Stastny
2005 UD - Dan Hamuis - They don't really show up here in the photo (thankfully), but these are the mustard unis.
1990 Score - Randy Wood
1991 OPC - Phil Housley
2009 Ice - Chris Osgood
1997 Pacific - Kent Manderville
2007 Fleer Hot Prospects - Chris Pronger - 3 sets that I don't see much of in these repacks.
1992 UD - Steve Larmer
1998 Topps - Richard Matvichuk
1990 Bowman - Jacques Cloutier - The required 1990 Bowman
2013 OPC - Devin Setoguchi - And that ends this.

While nothing overly amazing in this, there was that run of 3 odd-for-repacks cards, and the mustard jersey appearance to at least make this interesting enough for the $1.

Time to dig into the Surprise Bag.
Those holders got some usage in a zistle-set builder trade that went out this past week, so this is automatically a good one.
And the promised rookie in the pack never played a game in the NHL. Not the best start.
But the other packs were better, with the 70s/80s one highlighted by an appearance of classic Nordiques blue.
I can't complain when the misc. card pack includes an appearance of the Medicine Hat Tigers jersey, the Canadiens standing on guard for the anthem (at least it appears so) and a Rink Collection parallel. The latter is definitely not something you see much of in repacks.

A rough start, but a strong finish. Several keepers is all I ask for from these, and I got those.

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