Sunday 26 March 2017

2017 Adventures in Repacks - Part 8

Not 1, but 2 hanger packs from the Dollarama today. Because why not?

2012 Heroes & Prospects - Brad Marchand - Always fun to start off with some Junior hockey uniforms. In this case, a flashback to Marchard with the Val d'Or Foreurs of the QMJHL.
1990 Bowman - Keith Acton
1992 UD - Marty McInnis
1990 Pro Set - Chris Nilan
1997 Certified - Patrick Lalime - A pre Marvin the Martian mask (since he had yet to play for the Sens), from a set I'm not used to seeing much of in these.
2009 ITG 1972 The Year in Hockey - Gary Dornhoefer - Another set I'm not used to seeing in repacks, although that will change after this post. Great retro design on these!
2001 ITG Be A Player Memorabilia - Vaclav Nedorost - Yet again, an oddball repack set.
1997 UD - Nick Boynton
1991 Score - John Druce
2001 ITG Be A Player Memorabilia - Byron Ritchie - Usually, I won't be too happy getting cards from the same set in these, but not if they're from less common repack sets.
2010 ITG Heroes & Prospects - Jordan Weal - Junior jerseys again. Jordan started appearing in NHL releases last year as a King and also as a member of his current team - the Flyers.
1991 Parkhurst - Scott Stevens - A Rangers alum!
1991 7IS - Brantt Mhyres - A 3rd CHL card. Brantt also saw NHL action, primarily in the enforcer's role, with Philly and Tampa.
2015 UD - Henrik Zetterberg

A really good repack! What will the second one offer?
2016 OPC - Trevor Lewis - I thought I might need this for the set build. I didn't, but the alternate uniform is a nice consolation prize.
1990 Bowman - Doug Crossman
1992 Stad. Club - Brad Miller - I actually needed this one not that long ago, since it is the only cardboard evidence he was with the Sens for 11 games of their expansion season.

1995 Parkhurst - Tom Barrasso - Mask binder card!
2005 UD - Sergei Samsanov - The V patch was for a vintage jersey program that certain teams were doing.
2009 ITG 1972 The Year in Hockey - Pete Mahovlich - And this set appears again.
2009 ITG Heroes & Prospects - Jordan Caron - More CHL love
1990 UD - Mick Vukota
1991 Score - Jim Sandlak
2009 ITG 1972 The Year in Hockey - Paul Shmyr - Shmyr might be one of the least flattering last names in hockey.
2009 ITG Heroes & Prospects - Angelo Esposito - A former first rounder for the Pens, he never got beyond the AHL.
1992 Stad. Club - Dave Andreychuk
1992 Topps - Pat Falloon
1991 7IS - Joe Cook - I'm torn between calling this an unflattering photo or a unique photo choice.
2014 UD - Patrick Wiercioch

Now those were definitely worthy of my toonie.

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