Saturday 4 March 2017

Four if by Sportlots - Part 2

Since 4 is the maximum # of cards you can get from many sportlots sellers, that's the level I sometimes end at for purchases, thus resulting in this 4-card PWE coming my way.
"Guys? You'd tell me if this looked silly, right? Guys?"
Gabe Northern against the background of a Western New York sky. A beautiful card for someone who didn't get too many out of his 5 year career. And by "didn't get too many" I mean he got 2. This one (and its parallels) and a Pacific insert card.
And here's a pair of some of the sparser members of the 2/14 binder to close it. Kenny Shedd makes his second appearance, and this is the 5th of Lonnie Johnson in it.

That's 4 cards!

1 comment:

  1. I want one of those Kerry Collins cards for myself.