Thursday 30 March 2017

2017 Gypsy Queen 2 Box Break - Part 2

Time to dig in! I'll start with the first box, and its base/parallels.
These might only be base cards, but it was nice to knock out two of the bigger non-rookie names in the first box. I do love the bricks behind Bryant on what looks to be a home run trot.
2 Jays base cards in my first pack. 2 the rest of the way home. Sounds about right.
Mets content!
As for the parallels, the most common were these unnumbered 'missing backplate' ones. They seem more "left in a sunny window too long" as opposed to missing backplate, but who am I to complain about a parallel set's name?
If backplates can be missing, I guess nameplates can as well. Such as Dan Straily's here.
Finally, since I'm way too lazy to pull these from top loaders after putting them in, here's the rest of the base and parallels. Smith is one of the 20 SPs (1 per box). The /250 purples fall at 1:13, while the /50 B&W are 1:31 packs.

Tomorrow: Fortune Tellers! Art! Autos!

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