Friday 31 March 2017

2017 Gypsy Queen 2 Box Break - Part 3

Still with box 1, and the inserts contained within.
Box toppers can be found in this season's release. Despite the Glassworks name, these aren't going to be mistaken for glass. They're merely chrome-ish. These are purple parallels, the most common of the parallels.
There aren't any minis in this release, but these are as close as you get. They're the same height as regular base, and about a half-inch narrower. They offer predictions for how the player will perform in the upcoming season. While it would be interesting to re-visit as the season moves forward, I'll probably have forgotten about these by then.
Painted cards! They might not be Diamond Kings, but I'll still welcome these to the binders. I guess that Sale was painted early in the off-season. But each player gets two cards in this, so the second Sale has him with Boston.
Auto 1. It is definitely a unique-looking auto. The J followed by the M and an open-topped G? That's my attempt to parse it.
And here's #2! And it is not only a Mets auto, it appears to be the missing backplate variation. These aren't numbered, but the black & white variations (1:150) are /99, and these are 1:276. So, /50? /75? Your guess is as good as mine.

A Mets auto is a great way to wrap up a box. Still one more box to get to. I'll probably skip on the base cards in that, but will get to hits and parallels when I get around to posting it. Maybe tomorrow. Maybe next week...


  1. It is impossible to keep the parallels straight. It is even confusing the big case breakers. Congrats on getting a Met

  2. How big are the Glassworks inserts?

    I was hoping they would be some sort of shadow box / Strata like cards, but as I browsed through eBay, figured they would be more like as you describe them.