Monday, 27 June 2016

Just One Card: Fear The 'fro!

You should, because it is spectacular.
And since the back features a cartoon, why not highlight that as well?

While looking around for more about Mike Gale, I came across this tongue-in-cheek listing of other folks picked 47th in the NBA draft. It is an interesting list that has several of my PC guys, 2/14 baby Tyus Edney, Cancon Todd MacCulloch and former Raptors pick Tyson Wheeler. There are some decent names in that spot as well, such as Vernon Maxwell, Gerald Wilkins, and Paul Millsap.

In the years since that was written, Kevin Murphy (2012, now in Japan), Raul Neto (2013, made his debut this past season in Utah, starting 53 games),  Russ Smith (2014, D-League mainly), Arturas Gudiatis (2015, still in Lithuania) and Jake Layman (2016, ???) fell into that spot.

And that is much more than I figured I'd write for this single card.

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  1. If you haven't seen it, check out Darnell Hillman in the same set. His doesn't even fit on the card. I used to buy cards based on the size of the Afro. The larger the better!