Sunday, 26 June 2016

2016 Adventures in Repacks: Part 25 - The Dollarama Usual

Another trip to the Dollarama, another $1 hanger repack and $2 Surprise Bag purchase.

Starting with the hanger pack.
2010 Biography of a Season - Ondrej Pavelec - Nothing like starting off with a mask binder card
1991 Stadium Club - Jay Miller - Followed up with an interesting photo. Looks like the old Winnipeg Arena in the background.
1991 UD - Chris Chelios - Not as interesting as the Miller, but a nice horizontal card.
1990 Score - Mike Richter
1992 Pinnacle - Chris Chelios - A Chelios hot repack!
1991 7th Inning Sketch - The Bull - Yup. That's a Bull.
1993 Leaf - Ray Sheppard - And since it is a '93 Leaf, I do have to show the back of the card.
1992 Classic - Mike Peca - Love the Wolves unis.
1989 OPC - Patrick Flatley
2009 UD - Lubomir Visnovsky
1990 Score - Glen Hanlon
1991 Bowman - Clint Malarchuk
1994 Parkhurst - Jason Arnott
1995 Parkhurst Emerald - Roman Oksiuta - Better one of these than the usual 1990 Bowman
2011 UD - Jay Bouwmeester - I've showed this before, but I love showing cards from the outdoor games.

And that's the hanger. Not bad for a dollar, since I at least got that back in terms of interesting cards. Off to the Surprise Bag.

Here are the contents:
From least to most, I'll start with the 2010s pack.
And that was certainly a pack containing cards from the 2010s. I like the Kane photo, but it enjoyment of this is lessened by yet another legal issue for him.
But the Franchise pack was much better, if only for the 1994 Parkhurst Missing Link card of Floyd Patterson.
The miscellaneous repack pack drops from 8 to 6, but the cards weren't that bad. Despite rookie appearing on the Fedorov and Roussel, those were both second year cards. But it was nice to get an OHL card in this of a player that had a decent NHL career. And back-to-back Datsyuk!
And the Victory pack contained no cards I needed. Not even the insert. Bah.

In terms of keeepers, the $1 hanger was easily the better of the two.

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