Tuesday, 7 June 2016

4 if by Sportlots

If you don't know the drill, here it is. Some sportlots dealers in the States have their prices go through the roof for shipping to Canada at the 5-card plateau. That means I have to stop at 4 to get the PWE. This was yet another of those times.
I actually got the base version of this in a trade, as it was on my 10 most wanted list at the side. However, just hours before that envelope arrived, I'd had the special effects variation shipped to me in this PWE. Simple as that, and I've completed the two card rainbow.
Somebody took the news he got drafted by the Vikings a little too seriously.
Barefoot kicking in the NFL. I'd like to say I can't imagine that returning, but I can picture some goofball trying it so he can become a Youtube sensation during a blowout. And maybe that would be enough for Panini to finally make a card of a kicker.
And sometimes, you just need to acquire a card of a guy named Pookie.


  1. Love all four. I drooled over that Greg Gilbert when you posted it previously and the other three are nearly as great. I can see why the sellers jack the prices to Canada, the bubble mailer I sent you yesterday with maybe 25 cards in it cost me $10 US. Unreal!

  2. Never used Sportlots, but basically it's now around $1 to send a PWE from US to Canada (or anywhere else in the world) vs. $10+ for anything in a bubble mailer. Absolutely ridiculous. (Expect more PWEs from me in the future, but I'll try to get them out more frequently!)