Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Finally! Some Series 2!

While I watch the mailbox over the next two days, hoping that two expected envelopes show up before the post office strike/lockout, maybe it is time to finally show off some S2.

And my first card out of S2 is:
Danny Duffy! And it is an interesting photo, which was pretty rare among the vertical base cards in this pack.
But the second card was still pretty nice, with a good photo and a it being of 2/14 baby Derek Norris.
This was the only other vertical that had anything other than a generic hitting/throwing photo was this Josh Reddick.
The horizontal cards were so much better, even with basic photos. Both Pirates cards are basic, but contrast beautifully with one being a close zoom and the other including the flight of the ball on  a more distant shot. And Hechavarria's works perfectly with the smoky borders.
Jays content!
Mets content!
And the inserts. Two parallels in this with the gold parallel (444/2016) and the photo negative parallel. That's my first of the latter. It is definitely something different. Outside of that, the Berger's Best of Ripken is the highlight of the rest.

And that starts the Series 2 set build.

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  1. Am I the only one bothered that Yoenis Cespedes is getting impaled the player name bar?