Thursday, 9 June 2016

25 if by Sportlots

Yup 25. Courtesy of a seller on the happy side of the border.
Starting off, here's an always welcome card featuring the Cup in the air. I found this during COMC challenges, but really didn't want to spend $2.69 of credit on it, when I could grab it for $0.18 at sportlots. The Star-Ledger font page mock-up(?) in the background enhanced the card beautifully in a recursion kinda way. And as you scan the crowd, you get a card with a picture of someone taking a picture.
And here's another appearance of Lord Stanley, this time with Kitchener Rangers alum Scott Stevens doing the lifting. Normally, that would be enough to make it my favourite of the envelope, but there's just so much going on in the first card.
9 cards off my 2007 Victory set build list. It was nice to get inexpensive rookie cards of guys like Krejci and Johnson for the collection. Poor Rich Peverley deserved a better rookie card than anything with the mustard jerseys.
I got 10 Victory cards in the shipment. With a limit of 10 cards on the scanner, it is only appropriate that Sens-loving me highlights the Spezza cross-off.
Going back to the top, here are some more cards for the interesting photo portion of the collection. All out of 1997 Pinnacle. There are lots of interesting photos when you look through the set, and you can't go wrong adding several from this set into a shipment.
And 2-14 cards as well. If you're going to add a card, you might as well go for Ultimate Victory as opposed to a plain old Victory. This grouping puts Gaborik at 118, Hejduk at 112, and McNair moves 2 cards up on Alshon for second place in the football portion with his 40th and 41st card.
And how about a tiny card to wrap this up? While it isn't on the lack of magnitude of my Topps Micro cards from 1992, this is still pretty tiny.

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  1. Great lot but those first two in particular are just awesome.