Friday, 17 June 2016

Mail Bag: Shoebox Legends

Recapping another bubbler that has shown up over the past week. Shane's package, as usual, hit a lot of my mini-collections.
Where to start? If I were going by volume, the biggest portion of this envelope was Blue Jays. Only one Delgado for that collection, but when it is a Sportflics card, and both Flics of the card feature Delgado signing autographs, that's a pretty nice one.
More Blue Jays content with this David Purcey autograph. He spent parts of 3 seasons in Toronto, before being traded for Danny Farquhar. Danny threw three innings in Toronto with an ERA of 13.50. But he does have a last name where the QU isn't followed by a vowel. So, there is that rarity.
Some numbered Jays. Whether to 50 or to 2015, they're still welcome additions.
And some misc. Jays to end it.
Staying with baseball and north of the border, here were some Expos additions.
And even a couple Mets.
The Senators made an appearance with this Shane Prince card out of Ice. I'm really hoping that trade with the Isles doesn't bite them in the ass, which means it will in the long run.
Early 90s mask binder content!
And content for the hits portion thereof as well, as Dustin Tokarski and his Tick mask will make a debut in there.
Here's a nice, shiny Al MacInnis for my Kitchener Rangers alumni collection.
And off to the Bills portion to wrap this up, featuring a face mask piece from Travis Henry. I love relics that are something other than a uniform swatch.
This is a little blurry because this X-Fractor was encased. Thankfully, it was done by Topps, so I'm not wondering "why would someone encase an Eric King card"? I'll probably keep it in its magnetic home unless I desperately need a magnetic.

And there you have it!

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  1. Glad everything arrived safely, I'll try to get a follow-up PWE out to you in next few weeks!