Thursday 30 June 2016

Father's Day with Milwaukee

Yesterday, one of two packages that I was waiting for in advance of a possible Canada Post work stoppage arrived. Today, the second one did. This one contained goodies from a group break at over the Father's Day weekend. It was a basketball mixer that included Father's Day packs.
The packs didn't land me a hit, but at least I got some nice cards. The Joey Bats, is, of course, my favourite, but there are still some other notables. The Teddy Bridgewater salutes the sub-zero temperature game they played in the playoffs last season. After seeing this over at Raz Card Blog earlier this week, I remarked that it really should have featured a shirt-sleeved Bud Grant doing the coin toss.

And now, the break itself. It included boxes of Revolution, Limited, Gold Standard and Luxe. I landed the Milwaukee Bucks in the random. Considering that Panini is pretty good for having retired/legend content in their basketball products, I was hopeful to land a nice card from that portion of the product. And it came through.
Revolution is a gaudy set that was a Pacific release in other sports, but I believe this was the first basketball release from any company. These were the base cards in the set, and you can really tell this set had its origin in a late 1990's Pacific release.
I didn't land a base card of the Bucks' 2015-16 rookie Rashad Vaughn but I did land one of these in an infinite parallel (1:6 packs).
And here's a nice legend card like I was hoping for.
And here's the end of the Revolution with an insert and a parallel to the insert. The louder of the two is a Galactic parallel. They're kind of a tough pull, falling a rate of 1:288 for the base portion of the set, likely higher for the inserts. But that rate is still 1 per 2 cases.

I didn't land anything in the Limited boxes.
Gold Standard did land me one card. Eventually. The other Rashad Vaughn cards in this set look to be live at this point, so I shouldn't have to wait too long. This will be numbered to /49 and should include an on-card autograph to go with a green swatch.
In the meantime, this ebay 1/1 of Vaughn will suffice. Although I do think this one will be part of my next shipment to COMC, since I really don't want to store a framed card that isn't part of my PC.

And the final card, and my favourite, came from the exact same box as the framed Vaughn. And it definitely falls into the legend category.
An on-card autograph from one of the greatest of all-time! Yes, please! A beautiful design and penmanship to match. That's a nice way to wrap up a break, and if I chose not to keep the card, (I'm keeping it), it would easily pay for the break.

And there you have it.