Thursday, 2 June 2016

2016 Adventures in Repacks: Part 21.3 - A New (to me) Repack at Wally World

Time to set the Wayback Machine to 1997 for 3 packs of UD Collector's Choice and 1 pack of Donruss Priority.
5 cards per pack, and there were some interesting ones in here. I get a Hall of Famer with Messier, an Olympic gold medal winner with Foote, and then there's Cameron Mann. He already had one embarrassing appearance on an Upper Deck card in 1997. Why not two?

And if Messier is a Hall of Fame player, that is a Hall of Fame card for Guy Hebert. Not only is the net cam shot gorgeous, it was also card #1 in the set. Photographically, that might be one of the best ever for a hockey set, if not all sports.
A Rangers alum leads this one with the Stevens. While I'd normally be excited about the Kozlov for my 2/14 collection, that's a dupe. The ladies see some base card representation with Geraldine Heaney, making it a pack with 40% of the players being in the Hockey Hall of Fame. The Chris Simon seems like a strange photo choice. Maybe that should have been a Travis Green card instead.

Heck, even COMC thought this was an Islanders card:
I guess with two really good packs to start, a dull one had to end it. At least Fichaud isn't wearing the fisherman logo jersey.
Priority was a Bryan Berard hot pack!
And the postcard wasn't in the best of shape, with some dinged corners. But, it had been in the pack since 1997 and made a trip into a repack, so I guess I can't be too mad. Plus, it can go into my next trade package with a Ducks collector.

The packs of Collector's Choice really gave this grouping a boost! 6 packs and th relics remain to get posted.


  1. Love that 97 Collector's Choice Fichaud card. Have always been a fan of his fisherman mask.

  2. Agreed, that Messier card is fantastic!