Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Check Out My Cards!

For that time when you're looking through your "To Be Posted" COMC pile, and you realize that you've got a lot of Cardinals cards within it.
While this is technically a Peoria Chiefs card, they are an affiliate of the St. Louis Cardinals, meaning that this does qualify for posting here. And the nifty dalmatian logo means it also qualifies for my 'cards with dogs' mini collection. Peoria did have the more traditional Indian-themed logo but they changed it about a decade ago.
Did you ever have a card show up in your collection, but have no clue how it got there? This card was in my COMC box, but I have no recollection of ever purchasing it. Or pulling it. So, I guess this off to my #supertraders box for a future mailing.
OK. I know why this one ended up in my collection. Pitcher at the plate!
A nice throwback look the uniform is the reason for this card being in my collection. The helmet is a bit of a bonus as well for these back-to-back Finest cards.
And these black & white beauties are easy decision to add to my COMC inventory and ship. Killer sideburns on Brock too.
This counts as a Cardinals card as well. I like the stylishness of the signature, even though I'm trying not the view the W in a slightly dirty way. Freud would have a field day discussing his signature.

And that clears the Cards cards out of my to be posted bin.

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