Sunday, 19 June 2016

Mail Bag: Nolan's Dugout: 2 of 2

And now, the rest of the envelope, which hit a bunch of my wantlists.
I don't actively collect bunting cards. So, how did Rodney McCray end up on my want list? The answer is on the back of the card.
Yup. Rodney is that guy that ran through a wall. And not only has that been immortalized on blooper reels everywhere, as well as on the back of a 1993 card. Heck, even wikipedia list him as being most famous for running through a wall.
The back of the card is also why this card was on my wantlist.
How many other cards would mention the Freedom Flotilla from Cuba on it?
Another card on my wantlist for the photo choice. In hand though, it looks like one of those old cards where someone long ago crossed off the old team and listed his new team elsewhere on the card.
More great photos!
More mask binder cards!
And more 2/14 cards! All of which are cards you'd think I'd have already in the collection. While I did have the bilingual version of that Poddubny, I didn't have the English only Canadian version. These cards put the binder total at 1360.

And that wraps up another trade.

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