Wednesday, 15 June 2016

2016 Adventures in Repacks: Part 23 - Another New One

Seeing a new repack on the Wally World shelves means I have to try it out at least once, especially since it isn't a hockey repack:
While I wasn't expecting a Trout auto, I still had to give it a shot. Foil packs? Sigh. I still wish they were wax packs.
Here are the packs within. The first two will be first time rips for me.
I figure you've already seen enough of last year's Season 2, but I figured I should show you something from the base. Howzabout cards with complete stats and a really tiny font so they can all fit?
Here are the inserts. The Duda was the only Met (or Blue Jay) in the break. That Gehrig is a pretty nice insert as well.
I really like the non-uniform photos in the Babe Ruth pack. Anything to make you ignore Photoshopped logo removal.
And some of the X. Yeah, these are pretty fugly. Still not on par with some SPX hockey in terms of X themed Upper Deck releases, but they're up there. The blue background on the NL cards aren't bad, but the red is a bit (lot) much.

And the hits!
I wasn't expecting to be blown away, but I really was impressed with the Walker. Both a home and away swatch, including one with a pinstripe. It is also a gold parallel numbered to /100. And it fits into my CanCon collection. A pretty good pull. As for the Durbin, at least it was on-card! And he did get a cup of coffee in the bigs. And this interesting deadspin article.

So, there's another repack. While I really didn't get my money back in terms of fun value, it was nice to best something other than hockey.


  1. I think I saw one of these at my local big box chain... Maybe I'll have to give it a shot.

  2. Wow, nice snag with the Larry Walker.