Thursday, 16 June 2016

Pack Sampler: Pro Debut

I haven't had the chance to hit any place that might have Series 2 on the shelves yet, so instead, here's a couple packs of Pro Debut from the LCS. I can't recall ever seeing this on the shelf there, so why not pick up a couple packs?
Pack 1 did land me an insert, a patriotic one where the Rochester Red Wings saluted the Miracle on Ice. I guess Rochester was the closest geographic team to Lake Placid, but I really don't want to break out an Atlas to check. The best, as always, is the minor league logos. Best here goes to the Jupiter Hammerheads.
The back of the Promo Night card.
Just base in the second pack. In a sea of very generic photos, I really like the Huang for the dugout fence photo. Something a little different. As for best logo, I'll vote for the Black Bears.
My only beef, and it is not a major one, is that the backs don't state which big league team the affiliate is with. It does list who drafted them, but a trade would make that irrelevant.

Still, if I can find a good price on a box, I can see myself busting one and building a base set.


  1. Agreed, I wish they put the MLB affiliate's logo on the back somewhere. It would make it much easier.

  2. Black Bears! Although WV is the Mountain State, not the Mountaineer State.