Sunday, 19 June 2016

This card sells for WHAT?

The local show held its last show for the season this weekend. Because the shows are primarily hockey, there's no need to hold them in the off-season, right? Anyhow, this was one card I got for my Alfredsson collection.
Numbered, but not that limited of a print run. The front of the card has a patch feel to it, so it is somewhat of a unique addition to my binder. Just to make sure I get everything right when it comes to cataloging it, off to COMC to find the exact subset it belongs to.
Sportlots is saner , but that is still well above what I paid to add the card to my collection.

How much 1996 Leaf was printed that a /1000 card qualifies as a tough pull?


  1. I just looked at that COMC seller's stuff and lots of his prices are that ridiculous, even for non-numbered cards. Nice Alfie!

  2. I'm building two of the 97/98 Donruss Priority insert sets and was shocked at what people are asking. It's actually comical... and I refuse to buy into their cardfoolery.