Monday, 16 November 2015

I Could Not Resist

Since retail doesn't drop until later this week, I'm still stuck with the hobby shop option for Series 1. So, I grabbed a few packs over the lunch hour.

Pack 1:
Here's the base. The Kyle Turris entrance card is my first Sens card out of this set, and a definite contender for the best photo in this pack. The Drouin puck chase is another one, and it is certainly a unique perspective of the game. That should win it, but ties always go to the Sen. I might look for another Varlamov for the mask binder.
And the insert. Connor doesn't have a canvas YG in Series 1, so Max Domi might be one of the two (alongside Eichel) that you really want to get. These fall at a rate of 1 every two hobby boxes, so it is nice to get not only one of the cards, but a chase card. I'll probably COMC it at some point.

Pack 2:
A little blander in term of photography, but I do like how the casual Ovie card contrasts against the typical action shot.
You pretty much knew that the insert would be a step down from the first pack. Not really Tavares' fault, though.

Pack 3:
A very Canadian team pack, with 5 of the 7 base being for north of the border teams. Alberta is also lurking between Jake Muzzin's legs (I know how wrong that sounds without the context of the photo). A couple throwback uniforms are the highlight here with Leo and Jake, the latter being the best photo of the pack. I can't look at goalie photos with the pose without thinking of Patrick Roy's own goal.
Another canvas card to wrap up this pack. Extreme close-up and it makes it 6 for 8 for Canadian teams.
Here's the back of the Eller. The Domi had a bland back with the stats and a paragraph only. This one brings another nice second photo.

And there you have it. I swear that this will be my last UD pack purchase outside a retail environment.


  1. I'm hoping to get a set as a Christmas present. Love UD's hickey cards.

  2. Been searching high and low for Series 1 blasters at Target this week but no luck. I'll have to check again this coming weekend

  3. Cool I was wondering if Canvas inserts were back. Killer Domi!

  4. That Drouin card is amazing, nice hit on the Domi. Just left the post office with some international stamps, be on the lookout for 3 PWEs

  5. I broke a box and a half from my LCS, and have plenty of dupes, so let me know what you need and I can help up the best possible.