Monday, 23 November 2015

2015 Adventures in Repacks: Part 46.4: Happiness is a New Repack Type

4 packs left, and no need to go in any randomizer this time around. Ordering these by year seems like the best option.
The first pack, as well as the second, were of products I'd never busted before. I'm really glad that die-cut design is of a tough, charging Buffalo as opposed to the slug logo. Jocelyn Thibault's paint job shows why it was good thing that the logo for Chicago is a profile and not from the front. There's some nightmare fuel for ya!
My 3rd card from the break of 2/14 baby Gaborik, and my only dupe for my 2/14 collection. That said, I really like how the shading on some of the cards matches up almost perfectly with the glass, especially on the Marleau.
And the two packs that were not new to me, or even new to this break, wrap it up. For my Victory card, I get someone who spent a few years in the league and has been in Finland the past few seasons. He does have an interesting variation on the initials only auto though. A couple mask binder cards are always nice, and there's also a really nice photo in the Doan. Normally, I'd be upset at the border hiding the puck, but this time it is still present, shaded just to the side of the 'yotes logo.
Not the strongest finish to the packs, but there are some great photo choices here, especially with the horizontal shots. The Foligno might be the best card ever that features the back of a player who is barely in the picture. The Tanner Glass is similarly spectacular, especially since he is better known for his fists than his scoring touch.

And there's another repack. I wouldn't hesitate to grab another one of these, especially since UD 2015-16 S1 is overpriced even at the retail level this year. I'd likely get more enjoyment from these for half the cost.

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  1. Never seen those power play cards before, digging the border/nameplate