Tuesday, 10 November 2015

2015 Fall Expo Goodies Part 5: Victory is Mine!

Keeping my promise to pick up a box of the cheap repack-frequented product should they be available, I shelled out $15 for this at the show. $15 for 36 packs sounds like fun! I've already shown the base plenty of times, so I'll focus on the rest of the set. Combining with the repacks from before, I ended up 1 short of the 200 card base set (curses upon you, Jussi Jokinen!).
Gold parallels fall at a rate of 1 per box. Here's the one from my box. Ryder is probably on the middling range of possible results, but I really didn't buy this for the chance at a big money card.
Rookies fell at a rate of every other pack. I actually did pretty well in getting some of the bigger name rookies out of this box, especially Giroux and Mason. Looking at the checklist, there's only a handful of names I need to finish this portion of the set, with only a couple of familiar names on the list. Brian Boyle? Jonathan Ericsson? I guess Teddy Purcell might be the biggest name, but he still isn't that much of a chase. I'm 15 out from those, and the list of those will be on my set-building wantlist shortly, if not already.

The rest of the packs contained a mix of inserts from the Game Breakers and Stars of the Game series. That seems repetitive to have two insert sets with very little to differentiate between them, but for $15, I can't complain.

One thing interesting about the collation:
From two 50 card insert sets, each one had a Bergeron and Stastny.

And there you have the highlights from a 15 dollar box.

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  1. I always liked the look of this set, nice pick up.