Friday, 20 November 2015

2015 Adventures in Repacks: Part 46.1: Happiness is a New Repack Type

You know that I'm a repack addict, and will pretty much try anything repack related I see. I had seen these before at Wally World, but not for a bit.

16 packs, and I was intrigued since of the three visible packs, I don't think I'd ever busted anything from those three sets. So, I bought one of these.

These were the 16 packs in there:

1999 Black Diamond
2002 Adrenaline
2002 Atomic
2006 Beehive
2006 Power Play
2009 Upper Deck Series 2 * 2
2010 Donruss
2010 O-Pee-Chee
2010 Pinnacle * 2
2010 Score
2011 Upper Deck Series 1
2011 Victory
2013 Score * 2

An interesting mix of cards. 16 packs divides nicely by 4, so I can split this over 4 posts over the next whenever. Time to fire up and see which packs get shown off first.

6, 12, 2 and 10.

So, that means I post the first pack of 2009 UD, then 2010 Score, 2002 Adrenaline, and wrap it up with the first pack of 2010 Pinnacle. Sounds like a post!
AS one could expect from Upper Deck, the first photo out is an interesting one with a National Anthem shot. But then it goes into a bland state with generic photos. I got a Young Gun, but I had no idea who Perttu Lindgren was. Further googling showed me that he played in 1 NHL game. At least Jay Rosehill has reached the 100 game mark, and is still active in the Flyers system.
This one didn't even have a photographic keeper in the bunch. At least Cody Almond played more games on this side of the pond than my Young Gun. He reached 25 games, and is now playing in Switzerland. Troy Bodie was the one-per-pack glossy card. He's another guy I'd never heard of, despite some time with the local Leafs. He retired a couple months back, and is now a scout in their system.
Here's the Pinnacle stuff. It is a pack full of keeper cards based on the photography choices in this pack. The Gaborik is the dullest of the photos, but it remained a need in my 2/14 collection. Halak was a dupe for my mask collection, but it is still a nice keeper for my misc. binder. The Vokoun was puzzling at first, because I don't remember anything about the Panthers wearing silver.

The back answers the story:
Infrared camera shot?  Might that be the first card with that style of photo? Either way, that's really cool.
Only 3 cards, but all are keepers. The Power Play inserts are one per pack, which seem to defeat the purpose of an insert set in a product with only 3 cards per pack. The Havlat is the only base card in the pack, but at least it was a card for my Senators collection. Finally, the Hull is actually a pretty tough pull. The odds for it are listed at 1:97. By comparison, relics fall at 1:73.

So, there you go! 4 packs down, with the next packs coming whenever I feel like it.


  1. That Pinnacle pack was outstanding! The Kaner is the icing on the cake for me. Good start.

  2. The pack that stands out for me the most would be the 2009 UD since you have the chance of pulling a very nice Young Gun. In terms of look, I gotta go with the Pinnacle.