Sunday, 1 November 2015

2015 Adventures in Repacks: Part 43.2: Another Repack Wraps Up

Time to hit the rest of the repack box. 7 packs of cards, 12 packs of stickers and a relic remain. Let's see if I can power through this codeine-induced haze and get these posted.

The 7 remaining packs:

2008-09 Victory * 3
2010-11 Victory
2008-09 Masterpieces
2010-11 UD Retail
2007-08 Ultra

And all the stickers were from 09-10 Panini.

Masterpieces is always a great way to start.
Bonus! The wrapper said 4 cards and I got 5! And with this edition of Masterpieces, you can't go wrong with a bonus card.

For the rest of the packs, I'll only hit the highlights/inserts/parallels.
2010 UD retail did land me a new card of Rollie the Goalie V2 (V1 being, of course, the legendary Rollie Melanson), and an interesting photo with a great use of the horizontal option.
3 packs of 08-09 Victory landed me one each of the three potential inserts. Game Breakers. Stars of the Game. Rookie. Great variety. Since 08-09 Victory has become a patron saint of repacks, I've vowed that if I can find a full box of it for 20$ or less, I'm going to scoop one up.
Much like with the 08-09 Rookie, the one I landed from the 10-11 pack was not familiar to me. I checked though, and he played 9 games with the Avs, and has bounced between the AHL, ECHL and European teams ever since. He did spend 12-13 with a German team called the Wolfsburg Grizzly Adams, which is great. Even greater, one of his teammates that year was 2/14 baby Norm Milley. I should try to do 6 degrees of separation more often with 2/14 binder members.
All that's left is Ultra. And a gold parallel of Mats Sundin.

Now, the stickers.
4 Sens from 12 packs with 5 each is pretty good. Especially when one of them is a shiny Alfie. It is a dupe for the Alfredsson binder, but would still go just great in the Sens collection.
More shiny!

But this sticker here was the best of the bunch.
Since this...

Completes this:

And to wrap it up, here's the promised relic.
Someone who's still active? That's all I can ask for.

And there you have another repack.

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