Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Stacks of Wax Part 3: 2 Packs of Sterling

This might be the most I've ever spent for a box of cards, but since I was doing it with credit, I figured I might as well splurge. I was debating between this and a box of America's Pastime, but went for this since I was more likely to end up with a 'good' auto or two from this, and I was more likely to find some trade bait for the various team collectors. So, if I regularly trade with you, and you're a team collector, you might see something that will be sent your way in one of these Sterling posts.

6 packs per box, equals 2 packs over 3 posts. Let's go!
The first card in the pack is either a base card, a parallel thereof, or a Bowman is Back insert. My first card was a parallel thereof, with a /199 refractor of Luis Sardinas. I pulled a Sardinas auto (redemption) from a Heritage update set on my last blowout order, so he keeps following me.
Here are the first 3 autos. CJ Edwards made his big league debut around the time of this past season's roster expansion. Peraza also made his debut this past season, making a handful appearances with the Dodgers after a trade. The Ventura is a rookie auto, as opposed to the prospect auto on the other two cards. Going 3 for 3 in the first pack for players that have already appeared in the majors is a good start.
I always enjoy getting cards of those players that have defected from Cuba, so an Alex Guerrero is a nice start to this pack. 
Here's my first on-card auto of the break. Michael Kopech is still in A ball after being drafted in 2014. He also earned himself a 50 game special last season. Alcantara seems to be a career minor leaguer, never going above AA ball since his debut in 2010. Interesting variation on the auto though by adding the final A in his name. The last one is the only redemption I pulled, but I have no complaints about getting a Conforto. I already have one from a previous group break, so the eventual card will likely be COMC bound.

2 packs down. 4 to go. With tomorrow being a football day, I'll probably dig into one of the two mini boxes of Select. Until then!


  1. Nice pull on the Conforto. This is my first time seeing base cards from this set..

  2. I usually buy a ton of this stuff on eBay. Boxes always seem to produce at least 2 big names.