Saturday, 14 November 2015

2015 Fall Expo Goodies Part 10: Ending with Autographs

Showing off some inexpensive autograph additions to my hockey collection wasn't my original plan on how to wrap up my Expo post, it just happened to be that way.
Social Signatures might be my favourite gimmick for enhancing autograph cards over the past few years. I've added a Nick Kypreos to my Kitchener Rangers alumni collection (4 games still make him an alum), and an Erik Condra to my Sens collection. My expansion of this subset should include the guy who is described as the "Twitter King of the NHL" on the reverse of the card seems logical.
I don't know why I will always grab an inexpensive hit for a player that passed away way too young. Depression can be a bastard.
Mark might not have the most spectacular penmanship, but he's a local kid and the auto was a cheap addition. Winnipeg Jets stuff tends to be cheap on the whole, so I used that to my advantage in getting this card.
I paid more for this autograph than the Detroit Red Wings did to get Kris from the Winnipeg Jets.
I love autographs of people who might have been just a little bit on the nuts side. Nuts in a hockey way, to be precise. I showed a Ron Hextall card earlier this week, and here's another guy from the same era that was crazy in a good way. Much like the with the Bissonnette, the card is enhanced by the reverse, by including the nickname "Little Ball of Hate".
And let's wrap it up with this. Much like with some the two previous scanned cards, it is a nice autograph for a solid player that had a long NHL career. The best thing about this? The signature obscures the Dallas Stars uterus jersey.

And that officially puts the Expo in the rear view mirrior.


  1. Of course that Verbeek is awesome, but that card you led off with seriously made me laugh out loud.

  2. Cool card, ridiculous twitter handle.

  3. Really like the Verbeek and the Guerin. Very nice finds!