Sunday, 29 November 2015

Best Binder Page

I was going to recap my second mini box of 2013 Select football today, but decided to do this instead. Why? I knew I wouldn't forget to finish up my blowout break, but I might forget to do this. So, here it is.

I took it literally, and am going to use the first page of my 2.14 binder as the best page, but there are 4 cards which probably would make it if not for various other considerations. My Jim Kelly auto /25 isn't stored in a binder, but inside a magnetic holder. The 1962 Parkhurst of Bernie Geoffrion is just a bit too tall for the binder, while my 1932 Film Fotos of John Barrymore and my 1949 Bowman of Red Garrett are too small to be in the binder.

So, that leaves these as the cards one would see when opening my binder:
And away we go.
Leading off, an auto of Viktor Kozlov. It seems like a strange choice, but Kozlov is one of three people in the collection that match up perfectly with both date and year. Received in trade.
This one is in the front solely for patch quality. How can you not love a card that comes with a hint of jaguar head? That sounded wrong, but some of my previous attempts at sentences were much worse. From COMC.
My Senators love comes through with this card. Ilya only played 11 games for the team, but I don't really care about such frivolous factoids like that when if comes to building this collection. Via trade.
There are three #1 draft picks in my 2/14 collection. Sadly, Jadeveon might be more Courtney Brown than Drew Bledsoe, but there's still plenty of time to fix that. A nice thick patch distracts from the jumbly auto. Via a group break where I was randomed Houston.
The only thing better than one multi-coloured patch is three. Via COMC.
One of my favourite cards in the collection. It is a dual relic, with Gaborik and Hejduk on the front and Hejduk on the back. Both are 2.14 babies, and that is the only connection between the two that I can find. It is like Upper Deck created a card that only I would chase. Ebay card.
A very red card in the lower left. This one adds my love for the artistry of the masks into the 2/14 collection. I'm not a Family Guy viewer, (neither is/was Mrazek, apparently) but I love the fact that the mask is from his days with the Grand Rapids Griffins, and his name is Petr. Group break card from when I bought the Red Wings slot.
I needed a basketball card in the front, and opted for this one for Candice Wiggins. I was going back and forth between this one and the glorious penmanship of Darius Songaila but went for this one so the distaff portion of my would make the front page. From COMC.
To wrap up the four sports in my collection, a nice combination of a card from a higher end set accompanied with an on-card autograph. Another card from COMC.

And there's the page.


  1. Nice page! A cool assortment and variety.

  2. That's a pretty good page, reminds me I need to do this when I hey back home. (Along with a trade post)

  3. Nice stuff Doug! I still need to do a binder page. Like you some of my favorite cards don't actually fit in binders.

    I think my favorite card is the Alshon Jeffery