Saturday, 21 November 2015

2015 Adventures in Repacks: Part 46.2: Happiness is a New Repack Type

12 packs left, and let's see what the randomizer gives me this time.

7 12 1 10

Looking at the packs that are left, that works out to:

7 - 2010 O-Pee-Chee
12 - 2013 Score Pack #2
1 - 1999 Black Diamond
10 - 2011 Victory

And we're off:

Pretty standard pack, and this border intensive design was one of my least favourite OPC designs from the past few years. But, my PC gained a new card, with the Nick Spaling rookie on its way to my Rangers alumni collection. And there was a bonus!
His time with the Rangers made the back of the card.
The vertical portion of this pack was pretty dull. Even the gold card was a dupe for me. Fortunately, the horizontal cards made up for it with a couple mask binder cards, a celebration shot and a nice pic of a scrum along the boards. So it recovered well.
I was excited to bust this pack, since it something I'd never busted before. I definitely prefer these more colourful design to the more recent designs which seem to be only black and etching. The Diamond Cuts are 1:6, so I guess I beat the odds there.
And the lowest end of the packs is still pretty good. I really like how the throwback uniform on the Quick contrasts with the usual coloured background. And the only Senators card in this portion of the break was a rookie, although not one with a lengthy NHL career.

And there you have the cards at the halfway point.

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