Wednesday, 18 November 2015

A PWE Chronicle

In this case, a PWE from Shoebox Legends, who should either have or will soon receive(d) an Expo envelope.
Opening with the only hockey card of the envelope, and a bittersweet one. Karel was one of the players killed in the Lokomotiv Yaroslavl  plane crash in 2011. This is my second hit of his in my collection, joining an auto from a Be A Player set.
The rest of the content was baseball related. First up, the oldest of the cards. It might be a baseball card, but that hair out the back of the cap is pure hockey.
This might not be on par with the watery 1998 release of this subset, but it is still an interesting addition to the Mets binder, especially considering the oddness of the pose. Check swing? Practice swing? Either way it is not a photo you see a lot of on cards.
To wrap it up, two Wrights are not wrong.
And there is nothing wrong about a pair of new Vlads either.


  1. I'm embarrassed to say I didn't even realize that Rachunek was on that team. I got that card as my guaranteed hit in a hockey repack and knew right away I was sending it your way just based on it being a Senator.

    I did get your (awesome) PWE and should have a thank you post up by the weekend. I'll do my best to get another one off to you next week, as I definitely owe you!

  2. That Burnitz is peak 90's card! I got your package today, thanks a ton man, i'll have a post up soon as well. I just won a card for you on ebay and am going to a card show Saturday to wrap up your return package.