Friday, 13 November 2015

2015 Fall Expo Goodies Part 9: No Autos Here

Two posts left to wrap up the Expo. Time to highlight some of the non-hits left in my "to post" file.
One last card from that table I've been showing cards from the past few days. Not quite a vintage card on par with my previous show-offs, but how can I pass on a cheap (yet still in good shape) rookie card of a Hall of Famer?
And here's another Dino from a design that predates the rookie card but was issued in the 2000's. Either way, I got card with both the home and road North Stars uniforms.
I picked this up for the Pac-Man mask, so I probably should have shown it off on Monday. Oops. It just got mixed in with the Rangers alumni base card content.
Which means it was mixed in alongside these two cards. One Shane Prince for my Senators collection (meaning that Matt O'Connor, who got his first card as a S1 Young Gun), is now the only Senators player with a card that I don't at least have one card of. Both of these cards have way too much border, but I think I prefer the MVP card since it is more likely to have been photographed during game action.
I was a big fan of the Territories subset in MVP after getting one in my only pack of the product. Anything that makes me think of the 1993 Leaf releases is a good thing, There were two that I really wanted, and I picked up both of them. Turris for my Sens collection, and Sundin because those old Nordiques uniforms are still great on cardboard. I think this is the only defunct team in the checklist.
And the city  photo is much clearer on the card back.

Just the autos to go tomorrow!

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