Thursday, 12 November 2015

2015 Fall Expo Goodies Part 8: 2-14 Hockey Goodies

You just knew I wouldn't be able to resist additions to this collection.

Let's start with the most expensive card I got.
This Milan Hejduk card came in at $3. It seems rather ordinary. It isn't a rookie, nor is there an autograph or relic attached. It isn't particularly shiny. Not numbered either.

Well, it had something attached to the card:
Not a bobble head, but a Playmaker. This is my first non-card item in the collection. While I didn't plan to go in this direction, at least I can defend it by saying "it came with a card". Although the head bobbles, it is shorter, and noticeably lighter than my actual bobble heads. I'll only count the card as part of the actual collection.

But at least this now means I can pick up a copy of Black Ice by Val James without any worrying about having only one non-card thing in the collection.
Here's some more Milan stuff. With these, he joins Marian Gaborik as the second player to reach the 100 card plateau.
Since I got 4 new Hejduk cards, I had to have Marian maintain his lead with these 4 new cards.

Neither was the big winner though in terms of cards added. Brandon Sutter moves into 3rd place overall with 43 cards after picking up 6 new cards.
 Including his Young Guns card.
A parallel of one of my favourite photos in the collection.
Some O-Pee-Chee regular.
And some retro. Perfect match Victor Kozlov is now in 4th place, with 38 cards and no additions at the Expo.
One 79-80 retro deserves another. So here's Boris Valabik card #7.
The usual guy who had tables of 80s OPC wasn't there. I did have a list of Svobodas and Poddubnies, but only ended up with this one.
And finally, here is another card from that misc. vintage table I mentioned yesterday. This is my 4th card of Charlie Burns, and my oldest card of his.

2 more Expo posts to go!

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  1. That Sutter is a sweet shot. I was kind of surprised when the Pens traded him.