Friday, 14 August 2015

PWE Chronicles

In this case, the chronicles of yet another PWE from Shoebox Legends.

Like with yesterday's post, there was only one hockey card in the pack, but it is this nice addition to my 2/14 collection. The middle of this card is acetate, so it creates a really nice look when paired against the white scanner background. This is my 89th Milan Hejduk card in that collection.
Baseball was far better represented - as in that was the rest of the envelope. First up, a really nice shot of one of the newest Blue Jays in Troy Tulowitzki. My guess is that I'll be waiting until Update for an actual Jays card.
Next up, two new Vladdies for that collection. Zistle puts my total at 187 cards of his, but I figure that's low and I just haven't updated due to laziness.
And how about a bunch of Mets to wrap it up. Inserts! Faux-vintage! Junk Wax! Shiny! And all needs, at least it appears to be so via zistle until I cross-reference it with the binders.

And there you go.

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  1. Glad you liked the cards Douglas. Hope you end up needing some of those Mets after all!