Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Misc. COMC baseball

Time to reach back into my COMC 'to be posted' box to show off some of my latest goodies. Although latest is a relative term. I'm fairly sure there are cards in there that I picked up before Black Friday 2014.
I grabbed this one for my Joe Carter collection, and is my only card of him not in a Major League Baseball uniform. This 2005 card is also his last Topps card, as far as I can tell. You'd think he'd be a shoe-in for any World Series subset.
Just a short-print base card for my set build of GQ. The photos of retired players always look great in GQ format.
And yes, baseball masks qualify for my masks binder. Why wouldn't they?
Your standard cool photo from an Upper Deck set.
Here's a Mets card, and one I only picked up because it reminded me of the bully from Diff'rent Strokes. This Gooch never played a game in the bigs.
This one I grabbed for reasons other than the really great photo on the front. It is all about the choice and timing of the really cool photo on the front. This is from a release coming off McGwire's 70 HR season (and the card is also #70 in the set). So, instead of a swinging for fences, or circling the bases, you got a defensive play. Strange, but that's why I got this card.

And there you have my latest additions to various binders.

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