Tuesday, 11 August 2015

2015 Adventures in Repacks: Part 29: Hey! I think I need that card...

Another case where I'm scanning the repacks and one of the visible cards is one I might need for my base set.
2014 UD Chris Kreider - And it is a need! WOO-HOO! And if it wasn't, it is still a great photo that I'd want dupes of anyhow.
1990 Bowman Allan Bester - Getting the required 90 Bowman card out of the way early.
1991 Platinum Leafs Team Card
1991 Future Trends French - This is from a set saluting the 1972 Canada/Russia series, this one featuring the openiong faceoff from Game 1. And we also have Pierre Trudeau on the card. I really wish his son had a 'just watch me' moment in him. And that's about as political as I'll get here on this blog.
1990 Score Walt Poddubny - A dupe for my 2-14 collection.
1990 OPC Michel Petit
1993 Parkhurst Emerald Michel Petit - A Michel Petit hot pack!
1993 UD Pat Peake
1993 Leaf Mike Donnelly - 1993 Leaf means I post the back of the card.
1991 Stad. Club Rich Sutter
2000 MVP Brett Hull - Actually, this is a third star parallel. Getting parallels from repacks is always nice, whether it is Brett Hull or Michel Petit.
1992 UD Drake Berehowsky
1990 Score Brain Mullen
2013 SPX Pascal Dupuis - The presence of a re-used B&W photo makes this card fairly reserved as far as SPX releases go. Although still pretty obnoxious.

A card for a base set, and a pretty nice Brett Hull parallel. That's a good repack!

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