Monday 24 August 2015

2015 Adventures in Repacks: Part 32 - An easy decision

Sometimes, deciding which 15 for $1 repack to get is an easy decision. Like this time.

2014 Fleer Showcase Wayne Gretzky - Such as one of the visible cards being a Gretzky. It doesn't matter what year/set the release is - they're always nice to add to a collection.
1993 UD Paul Ranheim
1990 Score Gary Nylund
2001 UD Challenge for the Cup Roberto Luongo -  Luongo is one of the guys who has been in the league for years, but it doesn't seem like it is.
1993 Parkhurst Tom Pederson
1993 Score Pavel Bure - Great photo from the junk wax era.
1993 UD Jeff Daniels
1989 OPC Benoit Hogue
1992 Topps Doug Brown
1995 Pinnacle Pat Verbeek - Is there such a thing as too much blue on a card?
1991 Future Trends 1972 Hockey Canada French Stan Mikita -  That's a mouthful of a set - but at least the card is interesting.
2002 MVP Miroslav Satan - It is a tragedy that he never played for New Jersey.
1991 Platinum Ron Tugnutt
1990 Bowman Allan Bester
2008 Ultra Daniel Paille - And the last of the visible cards.

A nice Gretzky, and a great photo on the Bure. A couple other decent cards fror the misc. collection make this a worthy repack.


  1. You're right, that Gretzky alone pays for the recap on its own. Some nice cards in there, I always enjoy picking up those dollar store repacks as well.

  2. That was one of the best dollar repacks I've ever seen!