Wednesday, 12 August 2015

All About the Penmanship

Time to show off some more cards I picked up for no other reason than because I loved the penmanship of their autograph.
But, this one, I just wanted an autograph of. The fact that Cornette's penmanship is beautiful is just a bonus. Jim was a manager during most of his days on camera in wrestling, and, as one of the better talkers around, could go off on a rant about anything.

Here, just listen as he drops by the commentary table for a Midnight Express squash match:
If I ever win the lottery, I'm going to hire Cornette just to rant about things that piss him off.
Great penmanship and the Montgomery Biscuits logo? What more could you want?
And on-card autograph can improve things. And he's still in the bigs!


  1. I loved Cornette's tennis racket cuz.....why?

  2. I've met Cornette in person a couple of times when he was with Ring of Honor around 2009-2010. Really, really nice guy and will talk your ear off.