Monday 17 August 2015

2015 Adventures in Repacks: Part 31. A new repack! Let's try it out!

I'll try any type of repack at least once, as long as I don't break the bank doing so.
And this one definitely didn't. 3 packs and a carte spéciaux de Connor McDavid! And it didn't break the bank. You can see 2 of the packs, the 3rd was a Score 2013-14 pack. Also, there was a 4th in there as well, a pulsar red three pack, one that was included in target 3 pack hangers, was also in there. So, 4 packs was a better description.

Let's start with my Carte Spéciaux!
Well, I'm somewhat surprised by this. I was expecting some sort of unlicensed crapola, but it is a nice ITG card with visible OHL logos. And the Erie Otters logo is far more badass than you would expect any team called the Otters.
The 1999-00 pack was nothing but base cards. With UD, that can be a good thing, but 99-00 was a really dull year for photography in the flagship set. Excepting the Roman Turek, there is little memorable about the base cards in the set. But at least I can add this card to my masks binder.
Nothing that memorable in the Score pack either. But at least there was one keeper on the basis of it being a really great photo (and the ideal use of a horizontal layout).
And there were a pair of gold parallels. Nice abominable snowman on Pickard's mask. I should have tired of that motif on Colorado masks by now, but I do like seeing different takes on the beast.
I guess this was a Target pack at one point, so that explains the red Matteau parallel. I can't hate a pack with a nice shiny card in it.
And the bonus pulsars. I guess these aren't searched, as the Forsberg was a pretty good pull. In fact, I added it to the COMC submission I mailed out this morning. The only one there is going for more than I paid for the repack itself, so that's nice.

I don't know if I'd try another one of these, but if they all contain a pulsar bonus pack, I'd try another one.


  1. The Cleary card is one of my favorite photos from that set. Overall nice repack!

  2. Where did you buy it? I haven't bought a repack since Target left.

    1. I saw this at Wally World, which made the Target red cards somewhat strange.