Thursday, 20 August 2015

Flea Market Bills 2!

Another 15 card Bills repack from the flea market. Not as much player variety as the first one, in fact, only 3 players were featured, but I did bat 12 for 15 in terms of needs.
CJ Spiller trailed in this group with 4 cards. And all 4 of them were needs - a surprise on the Bowman. Other than that, there's a beautiful full bleed card from Prime, a rookie insert also from Prime, and a base card from a mid-range set in Momentum.
The Score and the Magic cards were dupes here. But a nice shiny X-Fractor makes up for those two.
And a six pack of Fitzpatrick to end it. A here's proof that the re-used photos aren't exclusive to baseball, although I really do like the Magic look of that image.

15 Bills for a buck. Sounds about right.

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