Thursday, 6 August 2015

M! V! P! M! V! P!

The first hockey set of the new season has dropped (although there still are some higher end offerings from UD still to come to close off last season), so it is time to bust my first pack of the new year.
Wow. Crosby on the pack. What a surprise.
And here's my first card of the season. Typical MVP in that it brings a lot of border to the table. But, the photo is nice and clear, which is all one can hope for.
2nd up - a card for the mask binder.
And they go back-to-back.
I think everything above #100 in the set is a short print. They fall one per pack, so here's mine. #131 on the back.
This is technically part of the main set, but is even more SPd than the regular ones, falling one every 8 packs. Given the 93 Leaf vibe from it, I can see myself at least trying to add cards from this portion of the set. Considering they don't fall that rarely from a lower end product, it doesn't seem to daunting.
Back to the regular base.
And one more.
And here's the last card of the pack.
The backs are exactly what you expect from this product. Limited statistics, with the logo popping against a very bland background.

With that out of the way, it has to be puck dropping time soon, right?


  1. Same design as last year. MVP is like Bowman.

  2. Not really a huge fan of MVP, but I do really like the "Territories" inserts from this year.