Thursday, 26 February 2015

What can I get for $13 at a card show?

A decent haul, especially since it is a local show with only a tiny dime box.
And I'll start with the dime box stuff, which only added 10 cards to my collection, which is pretty good for a dime box with less than 1K cards in it, mostly football and hockey. No reason for this card beyond the fact the name made me chuckle. He might not be a Dick Cummings, but who is?
The only Mets card in the box that I picked up was this one from last year's 50 years of the Draft insert. Can't complain about adding a new card of Strawberry to my Mets binder.
The misc baseball from the box. That Gallery Heritage of Gwynn is really nice, but this is an intriguing foursome that includes 3 legends, and a legendarily long name with William VanLandingham.
And to close the dime box - Bills! Bills! Bills! Bills!
Off to the 4 cards that I pulled from a quarter bin. The first three definitely have a Montreal feel, leading the way with a pair of cards out of a 1992 Nabisco set. These two don't exactly have the thickest stock, but they do have a nice "free with cookies" vibe to them.
And here's the second Montreal card - the first of 5 new 2/14 cards in this post. Geoffrion has 4 cards in this set, but this appears to be the only one that isn't a high number SP. If they did SPs with this set, as I wasn't collecting too intensely at this time.

Also: Bernard.
I know nothing about Duane Underwood. But, how could I pass on a shiny parallel numbered /75?

Off to the dollar bins:
Lousy stupid Young Guns premium saw this in the dollar bin. But, it is the second card for my 2-14 collection in this post. And if this ends up being a dupe, it can go into my Sens collection. Easy.
And now 3 autographs for a dollar each. Tom Pyatt is card #3 that will be on its way to the 2/14 binder. Randy Cunneyworth will be in the Sens binder, and then there's Joe Sacco. Much as I'm amazed by a rather busy entry into the wardrobe of Ducks jerseys, that isn't the reason. My second Airedale, Hogan, used to have an Airedale playmate at a leash-free park named Sacco. While I doubt that this Joe Sacco was any factor in the name, seeing it made me think of the fun the two 'dales would have running together. And that's the only reason I needed.
Some swatches for the $2 cards. The Hejduk is /100, and doesn't look anywhere near as dull in hand as in scan. And there's another bunch of relics for my Sens collection. Surprisingly, this is my first Robin Lehner swatch for my collection.
And finally, a $3.00 relic. Numbered to 49, and with a nice-sized seamed swatch, this does feel like one that should be numbered to that low. Gaborik and Hejduk are by far the leaders in terms of hits in the binder, and this allows them to maintain those levels. Although I've got 2 more Milans with hits, Marian has a 5 card overall lead with 80 total cards. My 2/14 total overall is 949, and I hope to hit 1000 by the time the Expo rolls around in May.

Considering I have 27 still to post in my various COMC boxes, that should not be a problem.