Tuesday, 24 February 2015

2015 Adventures in Repacks: Part 7 - The Classic

Nothing adds to a trip to Dollarama like a 15 cards for a dollar pack.
2014 Upper Deck Damien Brunner - I'm on a slow build of the Series 1. While I'm still about 60 cards out, this one was a need and I figured "why not?". And if it wasn't a need, at least it would be a cool photo.
1990 Bowman - Mike McPhee - The required '90 Bowman.
1992 Score - Felix Potvin
1995 Parkhurst Emerald Ice - Jiri Slegr - Every pack seems to have one of these parallels lately.
1991 Pro Set French - Thomas Steen
1997 Score - Matthias Ohlund - There's a set I don't see much of in repacks.
1993 Pinnacle - Bryan Marchment - The obligatory Whalers card set aside for Shoebox Legends.
1993 Stadium Club - Jiri Slegr - It is a Jiri Slegr hot repack! Check out that Jagresque mullet!
2005 Parkhurst - Luc Robitaile - Another set I don't see a lot of in repacks.
1991 Score - Myles O'Connor - The obligatory Wolverines alumni set aside for TMM.
1992 Premier - Wayne Gretzky - It doesn't matter what set - Gretzky is always a great pull.
1991 Upper Deck - Rick Zombo
2002 Upper Deck - Pasi Nurminen - It took until the 13th card, but I finally got a new mask binder card.
1991 Score - Tony Hrkac
2013 Black Diamond - Devin Setoguchi - And the other visible card.

Definitely got my loonie's worth here!


  1. Definitely worth it!

    Is it just me or does 1990 Bowman look ok for Hockey? I had the 90 Bowman Baseball set in my youth and every time I see one I'm reminded how ugly they were. That Mike McPhee doesn't look half bad. Maybe because it's an action shot?