Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Quarter Bin Vintage!

The only thing better than quarter bin vintage is dime box vintage, but I really won't complain. Being a Canadian show, most of the content was hockey. But, other bloggers benefited from some of those. So, the hockey pulls have been shown off elsewhere. Now, the baseball!

All 3 cards of it.

All well-loved.

All welcome.
The condition is probably close to poor. But it isn't too bad, considering it is from 1962. And it is one of a pretty good player as well. And it is a precursor to the multi-image cards of the 90s, way back in the early 60s.


But still cool.
How to follow up a card from 1962? One from 1963! This one is in better shape than the Colavito, even though the corners are soft.
Might as well show off the cartoon on the back to go with it!

Now,  I should have a 1964 card next, but there were none of those in there. So, the third and final is from 1965:
And it is a Met! Even better! It is before my time, but how could I even consider turning down a vintage Mets card for a quarter? Again

And one more cartoon to show off as well.

Not bad for a trio of quarters.


  1. That Colavito was one of the first vintage singles I owned as a young lad. Still one of my favorite cards to this day.