Thursday, 5 February 2015

2015 Adventures in Repacks: Part 5.2 - The last 2 packs

No S1 at the LCS today - so I'll finish off this repack tonight. They say they should be in tomorrow, so with my schedule it looks like Saturday will be the best option.

A pair of rack packs left.

2006 UD
Raymond Felton - First card out. Nice crisp photography is all I ask for from a UD flagship release.
Ben Gordon
Bobby Jackson - The "signed with" is so much nicer than photoshopping them into the new uniforms.
Austin Croshere
Jason Richardson
Davean George
JR Smith - The rim photo makes several appearances in this pack, I'll just highlight the first of these personal favourites, in spite of Smith's derpy face.
Ricky Davis
Tim Thomas
Nate Robinson
PJ Brown
Juan Dixon
CJ Miles
Solomon Jones - The rookie subsets.
Steve Novak
Corey Maggette - Flight Team - I don't mind this insert - but shouldn't the subset better show a player in flight?
Jason Terry
Chris Duhon
Tony Allen
Lindsey Hunter
Anderson Varejao
Sean May
Kenny Thomas - I will never tire of shots from the roof either.
Raja Bell
Jason Collins - While there were some decent names in this repacked pack, this is probably the closest I came to someone who is a household name.
Earl Watson
Steve Blake
Tony Parker - If not Collins, then maybe him as the most well-known guy in the pack.
Speedy Claxton - I love getting cards with the player's nickname on it instead of their actual first name. But, he was known more as Speedy as opposed to Craig.
Jorge Garbajosa - The only Raptor in the pack. If only he looked awake in the photo.
James White
Desmond Mason - Flight team - Much better than the first one of these, at least photographically.

So. A pretty bland pack without any real marquee names. But lots of "Hey! I remember him!" types. But, as usual with UD, photography can pick things up.

And now, 2010 Donruss.
Quentin Richardson - Not as action-based as UD, but a nice borderless design.
Peja Stojakovic
Nicolas Batum
Tyler Hansbrough
Andres Nocioni
Eric Maynor
Josh Smith
Rajon Rondo - Production Line - The base cards are pretty basic - so it is surprising to see ones so loud as inserts.
Gerald Wallace - Production Line
Al Horford - Jersey Kings /999 - What is the point of calling an insert set "Jersey Kings" when there is no swatch on it?
DeMar DeRozan - WOO-HOO! A Raptor! And the only one of this pack.
Nate Robinson
John Wall - Rated Rookie - You gotta love the RR logo.
Marc Gasol
Earl Clark
Elliot Williams
Ramon Sessions
Sacramento Kings - Team Checklist
Charlie Bell
Luke Walton
Mehmet Okur
Eduardo Najera - I'll take a bland photo of a guy in a new uniform over a photochopped one any day.
Baron Davis
Carmelo Anthony
Al Horford
Derrick Rose - Production Line - More of these loud entries in the set.
Channing Frye - Production Line
Terrence Williams
Tracy McGrady
Mike Conley
Taj Gibson - Alternate uniform!
Jason Terry
Elton Brand
Omri Casspi
Denver Nuggets - Team Checklist
Dexter Pittman - You know, you could move the logo to the other side of the card...
Memphis Grizzlies - Team Checklist
Gordon Hayward
Andrew Bynum
Andray Blatche

A little more satisfying in terms of the names, but I still liked the UD more.


  1. LOTTA blank space on the jersey king card.

  2. Wow, two days, two Eltons. Lucky!

    The Production Line insert is actually the retail parallel. The hobby version is not as nice. At least it doesn't appear to be- I only have the retail set in my collection.
    I really like the 2010-11 Donruss set for the fact that it includes team checklists- but I don't like how every base card has a yellowish/greenish tint to it.

    Really looking forward to the 2014-15 Donruss set, which is due later this month.