Monday, 2 February 2015

COMC Challenge Cards Part 77: 2/14 Football

Seems like a perfect day to plow through another pile of cards from that COMC box that came in late last year. And I'm still not down under 100 yet. Today, a large addition to my 2/14 collection with 13 new cards on their way in.
With 13 cards, there was only one hit among the bunch. but it is a nice one, with a small swatch of the Jaguar's head on the patch. I think this is my first portion of a logo among the patches in the collection. I've got a couple hockey ones, but I thnk those come from the number. This one is numbered to 50, and it really feels like something that should be numbered that low. But are there really 50 swatches worth of Jaguar heads out there on David Garrard jerseys.

Considering I'm probably his only super collector of David Garrard out there, I can see that.
And one card of his deserves another. Here's the last base card of Garrard's career. He never played a game with the Dolphins. He was on the Jets roster for a moment during the 2013 season, so I guess this is a zero-year card (tm: Nick @ Dime Boxes). It, and the parallels, also appear to be his only pro card where he isn't with Jacksonville.
Also with 2 cards on their way to the collection is Steve McNair, with this chrome-y Heritage-y card.
And yet another one of these Bazooka comics. And there is still at least one more of these to come in this particular COMC box.
The big winner in terms of additions to the binder was Alshon Jeffrey, with a trio of new cards.
There could have been one more, but that Prestige of Alshon was already in it, courtesy of a package that arrived at about the same time from TMM. The Courtney Brown was also a repeat - but that was my fault completely. It was a card I'd picked up in a previous COMC package. So not only was it a dupe, it was a dupe from the same source. I blame myself for not crossing this off my zistle wantlist.

I have marked it off now. So I won't be getting a third of these. (Don't send me them!)
Of 2/14 guys, Darrick Brilz is third overall in terms of games played with 175 games. He's an OL guy. He's got different cards to his name. This one is the special effect parallel of a base card. So technically, he only has 2 cards. I do need the base version of it, and I figured if I'm going to add a second card of Brilz, it might as well be the shiny one.
Roy Barker is another guy who gets his second card into the binder. Both of which are Vikings cards for him, but at least he has a decent collection of 49ers cards available - including a certified autograph.
I'm now only one sticker away from completing the Herman Hunter anthology.
Von Hutchins has more options out there (probably similar in number to Barker), but this one was the cheapest.
Patrick Ramsey moves into double digits with this Gridiron Kings base card.
And to wrap this big addition to the binder up, here's my 43rd card of Jim Kelly for my collection. He leads the total by far among football guys. As he should, in my Bills-loving opinion. The closest is Drew Bledsoe, who would nead 20 cards to take over the lead.

Binder total: 938 cards.

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