Friday, 20 February 2015

2015 Adventures in Repacks: Part 6.1 - World Record Redemption Turnaround Time?

One week ago, I picked up one of those 20 packs and a hit football repacks from Target. It was pretty 2013 intensive, containing packs of Topps Flagship, Prime, Prizm and Platinum, alongside a single pack of 2006 Flair Showcase.

I busted the packs that morning, and pulled this from one of the Prime packs:
I entered it immediately after pulling, which ended up being a good plan, since my Internet went kablooey for the long weekend, making most of my posts from that time period originate from the free wifi at the McDonald's a few blocks away.

But, yesterday, a FedEx package from Topps showed up.

After working my way through the Matryoshka doll packaging, here was my card:
6 days from entry to having the card in hand. Impressive! I'd rather see some variety in the swatches, but what can you do? At least they aren't 4 bland white swatches.

But, with Prime, you want some great photos. And there were some:
One of an action you won't see much of anymore.
In between all the rather bland Rookie Premiere photos, this one for the rookie portion of the set really stands out nicely against them.
But, I can't be too harsh, since my only Bills card from this portion of the break was this Rookie Premiere photo of Robert Woods.
But for me, my favourite photo choices were of the quarterbacks. And the reason for that is that they didn't take the obvious route and use a passing shot. In fact, it looks like the only one where the player actually has the ball in his hand is the Peyton Manning - and he's handing the ball off. This really makes for interesting variety.

And there we have the Prime portion of the repack box. More to come as I work my way through posting the rest.

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  1. Those are really nice - The more new non-baseball I'm seeing the more I think I am going to cave and return to collecting 4 sports instead of just baseball.