Tuesday, 10 February 2015

COMC Challenge Cards Part 79: Pick 6!

I've got a box filled with cards from COMC still unposted, but was unsure which ones to post. So, I counted the cards in the box (106) and had random.org select 6 numbers between 1-106 and posted those cards. It is as good a plan as any.

I'll do this in numerical order, because I didn't keep the cards in the order they came up through the randomizer. So, this manupatch out of 2012 Heritage minors comes up first. I collect cards with dogs on them, so why not a manufactured patch of a minor league dog logo (even if it is a Yankees affiliate)? I had to choose between this one, and one from 2014 Pro Debut. This was the cheaper option. And that's the way it usually works with me.
A pitcher at the plate! Or so it seems. This is kinda blurry.
This one was inspired by a Short Term Stops post over at Dime Boxes, where Juan's short-term stop of 1.2 innings (where he got shelled) is covered. I liked Juan during his Toronto stint, so why not pick up an inexpensive card from the end of his career. I had a card where he was listed as a Ray, but pictured as a Red. This added a slightly more official card to his collection. The write-up on the back implies his return to the bigs will take place in 2001, but it never came about.
43.20 ERA? Ouch. I typed that ERA as 4.32 twice before finally getting the decimal place correct.
Much as I like reprint sets, especially ones that salute less than mainstream players, surely they could have found a  more flattering card to reprint. It seems like they want to focus on the glove, with it taking up so much of the image. I just can't focus on it with the top row of teeth being right in the middle of the card. It is like someone gave Baba Booey a card. And then there's this, which isn't a Topps card, but makes him look like the cover boy from Serial Killers Monthly magazine.
And now, the Mets cards that I had at the back of the box. Is this the front of this card?
Or this?
Certainly not this.

Either way, a nice addition to the Mets binder.
I liked these, and wanted one of the Mets cards in this subset. This was 4 cents cheaper than the cheapest Travis D'Arnaud.

And now, I've got 100 cards left to post. For now. There remain over 100 in transit.

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