Sunday, 22 February 2015

2015 Adventures in Repacks: Part 6.3 - Wrapping it up.

After the last two packs being very Topps intensive, time for all the non-Topps goodies.
The promised hit came from that category. While some wouldn't be to crazy about a Sage auto as the promised hit, I kinda like it. Mainly because offensive linemen rarely see themselves on cards nowadays, let alone on an autograph. So I'm definitely hanging on to this one for the novelty factor. Plus, that Justin Hunter quad relic auto redemption takes any edge off.
Not too much of a fan of the lack of first names on the front of cards. But this pack did remind me that "Oh yes. The Dolphins were one of the stops on Culpepper's farewell tour, which also included stops in Oakland and Detroit during the downswing of this career. The non-reused photos on the front are also pretty nice.

And now, lots of Prizm. 8 packs worth! At 4 cards each (I'm not counting or scanning the HRX cards), I can show off all the cards!
Pack #1. I'm guessing the Tebow is a photoshop special.
Pack #2. If they can update Donnie Avery being with a new team by just using a generic practice shot, why not with Tebow?
Pack #3. My first insert of the Prizms, not counting the 1 per pack HRX cards. I didn't grab any of the parallels, so I guess I can savour these. Of course, this Cardinals insert shows up just after sending an Arizona care package to jay barker fan.
A Bills card! An insert! And another domestic violence guy. And Darren McFadden.
I liked the Salsa Cruz card from Topps so much better than this one. Also, this was a Terrance Williams hot pack, as the HRX card was also of him.
Another Bills card.
Cornellius Carradine was probably the winner when it came to syllables among the 2013 rookie class.
And the final pack. Pretty ho-hum to end it, although that Chad Henne card will be set aside for whenever Too Many Manninghams gets my next envelope.

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