Sunday, 1 February 2015

Trade with Plashke, Thy Sweater is Argyle 2 of 3 - Everything But the Baseball

Which means a bunch of football, hockey and baseball.
Since it is the day of the The Big Game, v.49, time to lead with football. The migration of Bruce Smith to PC guy from "guy I just collect because he was a Buffalo guy" happened recently, and the build to card of his is slowly getting there. I really want to add a Hokies card of his, but looking at COMC, there only seem to be two photos of him out there from his NCAA days. I could get his  2012 Fleer Retro card and get both of them in one card.
Just a base card, but a nice throwback uniform. Plus, I love cards where a defensive player has the ball.
I've got to be closing the gap on completing a Robert Woods jersey with all the relics from him I've got. Maybe a patch or three and I can break out the sewing machine for a jersey that will like Johnny Cash's One Piece at a Time Cadillac.
WOO-HOO! Alfie rookie card! As I said, I'll clean my scanner glass tomorrow.
How have I manage to avoid getting an Erik Karlsson hit for so long? It seems like one I would have added a lot sooner. It doesn't matter - it's a great addition, and you never forget your fist.
And here's one more hit for the Sens collection - with the Sens having a bunch of rookies making their cardboard debuts last season. While I'd managed to grab hits for all of them, anything as it related to Jean-Gabriel Pageau eluded me - until now. He's bounced back and forth between the parent club and Binghampton the past few season.
And now, the Raptors portion of this. Only one base card, but that Rookie Cup is a welcome addition to any card. It doesn't matter the sport.
Another Andrea Bargnani relic. I also may have enough relics of his to put together a jersey, but really don't want to be reminded of his time in Toronto yet. Maybe after he retires.
A good balance against a plain white swatch is a pair of non-white swatches.
And to wrap this up, a new addition to my 2/14 collection. Josh Shipp never got any NBA level cards, so there are only cards of him out of 09-10 Draft Edition. He's got parallels of this, and a School Ties card with Darren Collison. And this is the only photograph that appears on them. This is my 3rd card of Shipp, two of which have come from PTSiA.

Thanks for these goodies! Expect fire to be returned shortly!

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  1. glad I could add a few firsts to the collection!