Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Mailbag Catch Up: Shoebox Legends, Nachos Grande and OrlandoBolts

Before I start posting, let me salute Baseball Card Bust as the site goes into retirement. It was always a great way to start my say, and cemented my love for some of the stranger cardboard entities out there that should have ended up on the Island of Misfit Toys. And they ran about three dozen or so cards that I submitted.

Now, the goodies from a trio of small envelopes - all showing up to bring me cardboard goodness.
Starting with an auto in a PWE. I sent him a PWE with an autographed card in it, it is only fair one comes back in return. This one is certified, the one I sent him was not. Although I'm not sure who'd be out there that would want to forge a Brian Propp auto. Carrie Underwood's better half? Maybe I could see that.
And here's the base cards that were also in the PWE. The most amazing thing was that I actually had the retro parallel of the 09-10 OPC card in my 2/14 collection. But not the regular base card. Although I no longer power collect Spezza since his move to the Stars, I still welcome any cards of his, even non Senators cards. And I'll likely get some of his Dallas once they start showing up.
Next up, Nachos Grande's trade package. I shipped off a Komodo Dragon mini to claim the trade stack over there, getting these 9 cards in return. In actuality, there were two I really wanted - the first being the Votto for my CanCon collection and the other being the Yon German. Yon never made it past A ball, but he didn't make it past A ball in the Mets system, so that's good enough for it to be a Mets addition. Third place goes to the custom mini of Rollins.
But there were some random Blue Jays in the package as well. While I do already have that Delgado in the upper corner, it deserves two appearances in his binder, since the photo on the back is far better than the one on the front.
And who doesn't like an on-card auto?

And finally, OrlandoBolts from Zistle, who I've done an official trade with once, and then sent along a PWE with some Guelph Storm alumni. So, Kitchener Rangers alumni come in return.
Just one, but it is your typical great UD flagship photo.
But there was also some Carlos Delgado in the package. The first is /9000, the second to a far more reasonable /1000.
But to wrap this post up is my favourite Delgado of the three. It's a SportFlix card that he shares with Mike Piazza, dating back to the time they were both catchers. Fortunately, that means Piazza was a Dodger at the time, so there's no debate as to which binder this one ends up in - the Delgado.

And of course, as I wrap up this trade post with three envelopes. A large one comes in from Angels in Order. At least I've got a couple nice Angels cards I've pulled in the past week or so that will be great for returning fire.

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  1. Wow, I completely forgot that Carlos Delgado was once a catcher.